The Brain Child Behind Eco Fashion Sewing

If you want to learn more about how to transform existing garments into new designs, Eco Fashion Sewing (, provides tutorials, and highlights designers who are pioneering in the Eco Fashion Industry.  Founder Mariana Kirova is reaching out to her local constituency through workshops and speaking opportunities.  And to further illustrate the importance of this category of design, she is presenting one of her collections at Australia's Eco Fashion Week in November of this year (see


Mariana is also the author of the E-Guide titled "Create Your Own Designer Clothing  from Vintage and Unloved Garments", available on her website.  “Women have lots of clothing that they do not wear in their wardrobes, many of which could use a simple technique or embellishment to completely transform them"  Mariana observes.  "Fast Fashion has become so disposable, it would be a lot gentler on the environment if people learned a few up cycling tricks to re-purpose rather than discard their clothing."


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