First Day of Spring!

Spring brings new life and new hope.  Snow melts and rains fall, cleaning the environment. Life brings new awakenings, and relationships thrive.


This season brings its own definition of fashion, expressing itself with clean colors and brisk pallets.  Because the weather can be cold but fresh and invigorating, 'brisk pallets' can include contrasting colors such as navy and white, teal and yellow, or asparagus and celery (accessorize this color combo with yellow or black for a really sophisticated look) .  This is a time to pair your winter sweaters with light colored skirts and boots; to layer light colored t-shirts under down vests.  This is the season to mix and match parts of your winter wardrobe with spring and summer attire.


The goal is to look as crisp as the weather.  If you care about fashion, create looks that are as invigorating as the day is fresh.  If spring showers are drenching your locale in a torrential downpour, dress accordingly.  But if the day is refreshing and stimulating, let your wardrobe reflect this.


In this ensemble, Stormy Rangel reflects the softness of this environment with white, and uses the intricacy of lace to express the ethereal beauty of white.


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