Summer Upcycle

The thing I love about upcycling is that I can almost always find an unloved garment that goes with something that could use a facelift. This ensemble combines old and new upcycles comes from 5 different garments, representing a collective ensemble of 12 shades of gray. The hat (a two year old upcycle) features a circle design of triangle stripes from a discarded t-shirt, and a band of silk from the man's silk tie that was used to make the neck scarf (a new upcycle).  Capri length leggings, also new (folded under belt and shoe), are upcycled from a man's short sleeve t-shirt. The belt (a five year old upcycle) combines the collar and cuff of a man's snap front dress shirt, that circles below the waist. One of the cuff's snaps connects to the center front snap on the collar. which gives the belt an asymmetric curve. 


Shoes are new (Blow Fish from Fine-Things in Arnold, California). Outfit was pulled together and designed to coordinate with the detailed pattern on the shoes. Tops (second hand rescues not shown) are a charcoal gray tank top, and a dove gray lace top for dressier occasions.


Fashionably Yours,


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