The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The fashion at the 2018 Cannes Red Carpet Event was so unbelievably bad and ugly, that I could not resist a D'Arcy Couture review using the title above.  Of course because I love Vivienne Westwood, the only gown represented by this designer was my first pick for GOOD.  My second 'good' choice is the all white ensemble by Yolancris. The third is the royal blue/purple gown worn by Dinara Baktybaeva. While I was reluctant to post my fourth choice as 'good', because it was so different from all the other gowns at the event, I thought it was tasteful and unique, and respected Frederique Bel's choice to wear something so avant-garde, and pull it off beautifully.


But it was difficult to find 'good' fashion, as I clicked through the gowns, considering most of them mediocre. However, it was not at all hard to find the BAD and the UGLY, represented by every gown after the forth picture posted. To see the round up, go to and see for yourself!!!

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