Nature Provides Rich Color Design Pallets


The designer I admire the most for his use of color in his collections is Manish Arora, often referred to as "the John Galliano of India". His rich palette of psychedelic color combinations featuring embroidery, appliqué, and beading details, are visual feasts for the fashion enthusiast and connoisseur.  Coming from a county renowned for its colorful silk saris, Arora brings exotic color to the fashion appetites of the rest of the world. 


Taking a lead from this designer, this re-fashioned yoga pant is from a discarded knit top. The colors may have seemed overpowering for a top, but work fabulously as a pair of pants! Photographed against a fiery sunset background at the end of a dock, the viewer is reminded how closely the colors of nature can be aligned with the colors of fashion.



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