Artistry in Fashion Designer Cynthia Chow

San Francisco based XIAO designer Cynthia Chow ( knows how to ‘pop’ color and shapes better than anyone else on my designer radar screen. The details on her work is never overdone, or understated.  She is extremely talented, or simply very good at what she does. 


She calls her pieces “Art to Wear”, and while I understand why she does, I would spin this a little differently. If you want to look museum quality, or ‘framed’ by your outfit, or you need to stand out in a crowd, Cynthia’s designs will do this for you, elegantly, effortlessly, and beautifully. In Cynthia’s own words, “fashion is a form of self-expression that can boost confidence and make you feel good.”  This rings true to form if you drape yourself in one of her creations.  Most of us respond positively to out of the ordinary stimuli, whether it’s a street lined with blooming jacaranda trees, a restored vintage car on the road, or a young buck in the woods, why not add yourself to this visual storybook.


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