Artistry in Fashion Designer Jill Pillot

Ricochet San Mateo based designer Jill Pilot is both tremendously gifted, as well as blessed with the patience of a saint, according to feedback from her students. Jill, who’s design style was once described by Peninsula Wearable Art Guild member, Margot Silk Forrest as, "she has no fear", designs with the passion of a true artist. The fact that Jill incorporates teaching in her work as an artist and a designer, is a precious byproduct of the impact she has made on our local Sustainable Fashion Industry.


While I love all of Jill's creations, my favorite, and her signature collections, are those she creates for children.  Notably absent in the world of fashion are unusual and flattering styles of clothing for young girls, and Jill fills this niche beautifully.  Her designs are fresh, stylish, young, and cute, with a cutting edge that differentiates Jill's 'look' from all other children's designers. 

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