Artistry in Fashion Designer Ellen Brook

Ellen Brook ( is a San Mateo based fashion and home accessories designer, who works exclusively with hand painted silks.  I wanted to blog about Ellen, not just because I love her painted fabric, or because her fashion designs are awesome; Ellen is an artist with an uncanny ability to execute on style like I have never seen before.  Every picture on her site is stunning, and every outfit that walks down the runway at her shows, looks like it was made for the woman wearing it. And it does not matter how young/old, short/tall, curvy/lean that model is, she always looks incredible.  When you visit her website, all you have to do is think “I can look like that!”  And with Ellen as your designer, you can.


Ellen gets a lot of her inspiration from different cultures and tribes, drinking in their rich color palettes and glorious textiles.  Even street fashion in hot spots like New York, Paris, and Milan, can inspire Ellen with an unexpected design or color combination.  But even more subtle and esoteric for Ellen is the fact that fashion, as an expression, can turn up the volume of joy, celebration, and confidence in our lives.  Those of us in the fashion business know that self confidence is the trendiest style anyone can wear!

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