Turning Over a New Leaf

When Fashion and Photography Collide

A medallion, fashioned from the photo of a single oak leaf, gave life to a fashion photo shoot inspired by two siblings, Darcy and Ken Fowkes. Darcy is a Slow Fashion designer (www.darcycouture.com), and her brother Ken, an amateur photographer. When Darcy first saw the medallion, she fell in love with it. “I have always wanted to create fashion from something Ken has photographed, and this medallion had rich fall fashion written all over it”.   


Working with renowned Bay Area ‘location’ and fashion photographer Sean Sato, Darcy agreed with two of his recommended models for the shoot, Vigilant Sutherlin and Deja Vigil.  Both models are popular with local photographers, fashion designers, and producers and both had strong and powerful photographic portfolios that were artistically compatible with the fashion Darcy wanted to create.


Sean Sato is a prolific photographer from Modesto, who photographs fashion, beauty, nudes, and portraits, all over the Bay Area and Northern California. Sean recommended Studio 1764 in San Leandro for the shoot as a white cyclorama was needed to project the medallion image onto the back, sides, and floor of the shoot, as the backdrop for the fashion. The cyclorama would allow Sean to cover the entire background of a picture as well as use smaller ‘moons’ of the medallion to accent the fashion creatively.


The fashion Darcy created to showcase the medallion consisted of two basic garments and two styles of hats, a circle skirt, leggings, a baseball cap, and a designer snood. As a Slow Fashion designer, zero waste designing is essential to ensure that there is minimum, if any, waste left over from the creation of fashion, so her brother prepared the files for her medallion designs so that she could use virtually all the fabric she had printed. To complete the outfits, she produced a couple of gold tops, rescued a few more from local second hand stores, then filled in with accessories designed from discarded leather and fabric upholstery samples rescued from land fill. And lastly, she cut up a thrifted pair of jeans for the band in one of the baseball caps, and re-fashioned the rest into a coordinated purse.


This team effort breathed new life into what originally started out as a photo of a dried up oak leaf. The creativity of every one of the team members is a wonder to behold. When all of this talent collided, it became breathtaking.




Photo Team Credits


Fashion Photographer: Sean Sato @mechasean


Medallion Artist: Ken Fowkes @kenfowkes


Models: Vigilant Sutherlin @vigilantsutherlin and Deja Vigil @deja_vigil1


Slow Fashion Designer: Darcy Fowkes @darcyfowkes


Location: Studio 1764 Timothy Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577 @studio1764andy




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