Artistry in Fashion Designer Nicky Ruxton

Vallejo-based designer Nicky Ruxton ( creates industrial inspired jewelry made by re-purposing everyday materials. Nicky’s work fits into a category of its own, although ‘Steampunk’ can be referenced to help the reader picture her style and materials. Because she can make anything she touches look super intriguing, it’s more accurate to describe Nicky’s work as elevating simple, ordinary things into extraordinary wearables. Her inspiration comes from having a vivid imagination where she creates stories about the discarded items she collects. She leverages the patina, texture, even the imperfections in the objects to guide her through a sculptural composition process.




Nicky says, “Fashion, like music, art, and movement, are all reflections of popular culture. Artist's expressions are relative to the societies they’re born into. Creatives use a narrative of the times to voice their perspective. I chose wearables so my designs could infuse a wearer with my energy and Spirit." I like what Nicky represents, an independent woman who follows her Muse, and truly believes in herself. You will love her creations, and you will love WHO she is.


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