Artistry in Fashion Designer Sarah Liller

San Francisco based Sarah Liller ( has a monopoly on the best fabrics ever!  She knows exactly how to make the most of her deliciously soft fabrics into just the right amount of pleats, drape, and swing, to make them scrumptious.  If you could eat fashion, Sarah’s pieces would be the most spectacular desserts on the menu.  Her collections flatter all body types and appetites.


Politically, Sarah is an inspiration to Slow Fashion.  She gives us all an easy incentive to stop supporting fast fashion, the second biggest polluting industry in the world.  If you are guilty of buying cheap, and more than you need, Sarah is your ticket out of this unsustainable habit, and worth every penny you spend with her.  She sources fabrics that are milled in the USA, and produces her inventory locally.  Read all about it readers; Sarah is a fashion maverick worth investing in.   


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