Capturing Self Love in a Selfie

Selfies, the good, bad, and the ugly, are here to stay. Like it or not, they are the backbone of Social Media. What surprises me about this visual collateral, is why the general public is not more interested in using their social media platforms to better themselves, their images, or more basically, present their precious individuality or unique selves? 


Rather than taking that same selfie over and over again, why not pose in front of a stir fry that you are creating for dinner, or cutting a slice of that cake you just finished decorating. Or post a picture of you arranging flowers in a vase, or harvesting tomatoes from your garden? Selfies that illustrate you engaging in your passions are much more interesting to the rest of us, and give you a topic that helps us know who you are.


Posts that lead with "I would like to share a picture I just took" are about as shallow and interesting as the TV test pattern that was broadcast in North America from the 1940s to the mid 60s, just so that the average household knew that their TV worked during the middle of the night. I have to believe that each and everyone of you are more interesting than that.


It also helps to think of your audience. While people who follow you on FB will know your friends and family, most people in a  group will not, so lead with something that might interest a larger group. Everybody has met a cat or a dog that they loved of admired over the course of their lives. so show us a picture of you loving your furbaby!


I am a Slow Fashion advocate, so love to share my makes and upcycles, but I know that not everyone resonates with fashion. Sew for my sewing and design groups my content is on point with fashion; with my 'old lady' groups, my content is more about aging and on topic with various aspects of self love. 


Self love is just that. SELF LOVE. If you love a photo of yourself, my intuition tells me you love yourself. I obviously did not dress up for this photo, yet I am proud to feature it next to this article.   


Fashionably (or unfashionably) Yours,



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