Moving Faster Toward Slow Fashion

Fast Fashion is broken, and needs to be mended. As the second biggest polluting industry in the world today after oil, it is morally unconscionable to dress our bodies in attire that ends up defiling the natural beauty of our environment. Mankind is the only creature on this earth that has and does prioritize self over the integrity of our ecosystem, and this behavior has got to change. It is up to each and everyone of us to play a part in helping to influence this behavior to protect the earth that we depend on.
There are many ways to mend Fast Fashion, but the fastest and most direct is to stop buying from retailers who are supporting this supply chain. If there is no demand, the supply will only dry up. Those critical of this solution will argue that this industry is bringing many third world countries out of poverty. My rebuttal is that this is a false economy, as the cost for cleaning up these environments has not been factored in. Plus, the workers producing our clothes do not make living wages, and consequently are simply another form of slavery that our country and many European countries are supporting. Enslaving whole populations is not ‘offering’ them an alternative to poverty.
As illustrated in this article, mending is an excellent skill to facilitate the longevity of individual items of clothing. But the alternatives to Fast Fashion are numerous, and often much more stylish. This article does a great job of helping us understand that fashion and style are not packaged in main stream retail!

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