Slow Fashion, Featuring Ethical Fashion Design by D'Arcy Couture

Ethical fashion design, with an emphasis on up cycle, re-purpose, and re-make design methodologies.

D’Arcy Couture is an ethical fashion design boutique that supports up cycle and re-purpose design methodologies.  Her home-based studio is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she sells her up cycled clothing year round at local street festivals.  She also exhibits in local galleries and museums.


Darcy's collection is largely designed from materials that have been discarded.  Her belts are re-made from fabric and leather samples that are discarded seasonally.  She up cycles purses from worn out leather jackets or fabric scraps.  Dresses, skirts, and pants have been re-purposed from discarded t-shirts.  In addition, Darcy will take an unloved jacket and re-make an entire outfit around it, creating a fresh new ensemble. 


Consider your own closet a goldmine for new ideas.  Up cycle and re-make old tired clothing into new artistic ensembles!  Or hire D’Arcy Couture for your fashion re-make over.



Hats are a great asset to any wardrobe. They can disguise a 'bad hair day', cover grey roots, add a quick fix when there is no time for a hair wash that day, and generally add some drama to one's head when a hair style is not getting the job done.  Hats can also add a finishing touch to a hasty dressing job, with a little planning ahead of time.


Whatever 'hat' you decide is the most flattering style, invest in a few colors or style/prints to work with your daily handbag(s).  If you use one year round, coordinate a few hats with the most dominant colors in your wardrobe.  If navy and charcoal are big, make sure you have one in each color.  That was, when you are running out the door in the easiest thing to wear from your wardrobe, you will always have a hat to grab that will work.



Andrea Lynch is the model in the above screen capture prints, wearing Bob Marley T-Shirt Pants and cowgirl boots.  The head piece was designed by Stella When-Chi Shen, a Mountain View (local) florist.  Stella can work with the colors of any outfit, to dress up and dramatize any fashion.  Highly recommend adding head wear drama to any fashion intended to be photographed. The effects are timeless, and bring much more to the end result than one can imagine.  

Sareeta Panda, in the left photo, wore one of my favorite outfits in the Pivot Fashion Show, at the closing night of the Anne and Mark Art Party.  Sareeta's pants and hat are up cycled from an antique Indian Sari.  The collection designed from this fabric included camisole tops, and long asymmetric tanks, but to give her an edge, we coupled her pants with a sleeveless blouse and sequined tank top in similar colors and patterns.  Because her pants make such a statement, having other items to couple with them gives her the option of wearing the pants as a 'costume' or party ensemble, as well as more casual street wear.


Julie Yoon, above, is wearing a Mantra Handmade Treasures headdress, coupled with a sweater and skirt.  The sweater was rescued from landfill; the skirt re-made from a silk camisole.  Julie's boots (not shown in this picture) were purple and blue painted with leather paints, to bring the purple colorway in her ensemble down to her feet.  We used a darker hue of blue and purple to make sure she had strong fashion representation at the bottom of this outfit, to balance the drama of her hand knit hat.


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