Slow Fashion, Featuring Ethical Fashion Design by D'Arcy Couture

Ethical fashion design, with an emphasis on up cycle, re-purpose, and re-make design methodologies.

D’Arcy Couture is an ethical fashion design boutique that supports up cycle and re-purpose design methodologies.  Her home-based studio is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she sells her up cycled clothing year round at local street festivals.  She also exhibits in local galleries and museums.


Darcy's collection is largely designed from materials that have been discarded.  Her belts are re-made from fabric and leather samples that are discarded seasonally.  She up cycles purses from worn out leather jackets or fabric scraps.  Dresses, skirts, and pants have been re-purposed from discarded t-shirts.  In addition, Darcy will take an unloved jacket and re-make an entire outfit around it, creating a fresh new ensemble. 


Consider your own closet a goldmine for new ideas.  Up cycle and re-make old tired clothing into new artistic ensembles!  Or hire D’Arcy Couture for your fashion re-make over.

When Fabric Steals the Show

This is silk chiffon, a fabric that is so light and airy, it can have a life of its own. We designed an outfit for the fabric  that would speak to both it's lovely repeat pattern, and its lightweight attribute; a cape over a skirt with a train. We gave allure to the outfit by coupling it with a Dark Garden (San Francisco boutique) Corset. We then gave life to the ensemble by showcasing it on Model Sareeta Panda, a petite, brown eyed beauty. Then we then captured our efforts with Vividshot Photography, using a black wrought iron spiral staircase and the wind, to help us create some breathtaking shots.