The Circle Skirt Pattern



Because I do not use patterns in my design work, I think that others must not use them as well.  But I forget that one of the biggest cornerstone of home sewing are the patterns!  They are as important as the zippers, the thread, not to mention buttons and snaps. 


Sew I have decided to introduce a line of patterns that feature particular aspects of sustainable fashion design.  My first pattern, illustrated on the left, is for a Zero Waste Outfit, a circle skirt, neck scarf, and baseball hat.  This pattern uses a perfect square of fabric, plus 2" for the neck scarf (or 5" if your fabric is not reversible), so if your yardage is 42 inches wide, you will want 44" of reversible length, or 47" of non-reversible fabric.  


The beauty of hats are that they protect you from the sun without requiring sun screen, which does not always agree with everyone's skin.  The beauty of having a hat/skirt and neck scarf outfit is that you do not have to think about how to put it together when you are standing in your closet trying to decide what to wear.  You put it together by the virtue of buying a pattern that takes you through making this ensemble step-by-step.  Enjoy! 




Quote of the Day

Literary 'Quote of the Day', from Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly (Chapter 19) "Mary, however, was determined to clamber over every fence she encountered and pull everyone she knew behind her. The deep humanitarianism that was her family inheritance had taught her to see achievement as something that functioned like a bank account, something you drew on when you were in need and made deposits to when you were blessed with a surplus." #45 on the other hand, sees wealth (his family inheritance) and a shallow ego, as achievements. So sad!


Spring Has Sprung

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The Whole Enchilada

For the recent Art Party Pivot Fashion Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, I partnered with Stella Shen to create a distinctive look from head to foot that would stand out from the crowd.  This show was to feature the work of over two dozen designers and artists, so I wanted to light a fire under my line with the help of this floral headdress artist. 


As you can see, without the head pieces, Ella Ananieva, Stella, and Andrea Lynch would not have stood out, and when it comes to any stage performance, the bigger you exaggerate any appearance, the better it will be remembered. 


I was interacting with one member of the audience after the show who commented on the hat designs, and while I introduced her to Stella, she wanted to acknowledge my role in the event as the clothing designer.  All I could only say that 'It took a village', because we all had our hands in this performance.  And while all of the designers are key to the content of the show, it would not happen without the producers, and most importantly, the backbone of any fashion show, the models! 







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