Zo Magazine Awards First Place to Slow Fashion Designer

Zo Magazine, an artistic community featuring 'A different kind of universe,' recently held their annual photo contest, this year titled TOUCH OF BLUE EXPO, https://zomagazine.com/blue-expo/fbclid=IwAR3ULCq0bWDR3kD2ji8hSFsxNMITkWLT2CXsBT_5tzdKdLIF7fyP7UFyMho. The selfie photo I submitted won first place in the fashion category!


The suit in this photo was custom designed and sewn, and  features a whimsical visor, also self made. The steampunk sunglasses adds to the comical composition, which inspired the title of the photo, "Resort Wear for the Blue Lagoon". 


Of course my website features Slow (Sustainable) Fashion, as this is my personal focus today, and has been for over a decade, and one that I have practiced most of my life. I don't believe I have purchased a 'new' item of clothing in over eight years, and can boast that my wardrobe features the best fashion I have ever owned.


I would like to think that my entire wardrobe represents 'a different kind of universe', one that has for the most part been designed entirely by me, using discarded fashion and accessories, and fabric samples that would have otherwise gone into landfill. Borrowed from an old jargon in high tech, I am not only 'eating my own dog food', but my different kind of universe means that I am always dressed uniquely as me, and will never look like the rest of the fast fashion shoppers of the world. 


And for that I am extremely proud. 


I want to show the fashionistas of this world that they can practice Slow Fashion AND look stylish. You don't have to know how to sew or design. You can shop sustainably, and buy used. You can also swap with friends and family. 


But most importantly, you can be proud to do your little part in our precious world to limit the unprecedented waste that fast fashion has introduced into our environment.



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    Lisa Burling (Saturday, 06 May 2023 15:45)

    I like these ideas for slow fashion. Like to see more.