In this photograph, High Fashion, Runway, Print, Fitness, and Commercial Model Vigilant Sutherlin wears a chiffon skirt that features a medallion created by my photographer brother, Ken Fowkes. He designed the art in photoshoot using a single dried oak leaf, so I call this photograph 'Turning Over a New leaf'. This photograph was shot by street fashion photographer Sean Sato, in his Leandro Studio 1764. The medallion is also highlighted on the backdrop behind her.


Vigilant @vigilantsutherlin will model for me again in June, joined by fashion, editorial, runway model and actress @withlovefrom jack. Both will wear swimsuits inspired by AI generated birds, so lots of color and fabulous feather designs. Vivid Shot photographer, Ash Ahuja will be a part of our team for this shoot. We still have not selected someone to do help with MUAH in exchange for prints, so if you are interested please PM me!




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