Slow Fashion, a Blend of Custom Couture, Home Sewing/Designing, and Thrifting!

This photo encapsulates two very different applications of Slow Fashion, a self designed and sewn suspender pant, worn with a thrifted blouse underneath, to a custom wedding dress by couture fashion designer Paulo Sebastian. Together they illustrate how incredibly unique your wedding day attire can be, and still be sustainable. 


I picked a rose gold shiny lycra tricot for my high waisted suspender pants, not only to compliment the rose gold in Cari's wedding dress, but because I needed something that could stand up next to her incredible gown, and not look dowdy or dated. I think the shiny fabric and the contemporary pant suit style pulled this off successfully. The fact that I found a pre-oved silk blouse this same color as the tricot was either an incredible luck of the draw, or that the wedding gods were looking out for me that day.


The wedding venue was at Reid's Palace, a resort hotel on the island of Madeira off of Portugal. The art nouveau, vintage vibe of the Paulo Sebastian gown took center stage among the landscape of the resort as well as the event's photography, as you can see in this photo. Regrets? I did not expect to be photographed and left my shoes in my room. It would have been nice to be a bit taller!

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